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Untitled Sculpture

Sculptor - James Ritchie

Date of Design - 1988

Precise Location
On grass at Edinburgh College of Art quadrangle, to right of path going towards main college building from Lauriston Place

Irregular but roughly rectangular horizontal slab of stone with rounded 'hill' forms carved on top, set on grass slope in college quadrangle amongst trees. Sited as part of his student exhibition and left there. Forms suggestive of miniature landscape.

The sculpture is made of Stanton Moor Sandstone and has got some metallic staining. It also has lichens and moss growing on it.

The grassy bank is very popular with the students in the summer and the sculpture is used as a bench by all.

James Ritchie - The Stone Alphabet

More information about the sculpture i.e. the name of the piece would be appreciated. How or what is James Ritchie doing now?