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Jawbone Arch

Campaign to Save the Whalebone Arch

Precise Location
Melville Drive. On park pathway (Jawbone Walk) opposite junction with Meadow Place.

Four whale jawbones placed vertically on a rough square and meeting at the top (held with metal strut) to form arch at start of pathway across the Meadows. Circular cobbled area on ground within the arch.

On each of four bronze bands around bones approximately 90cm off ground: Incised and shaded lettering cast in the bronze; FROM ZETLAND AND FAIR ISLE KNITTING STAND / EDINBURGH EXHIBITION 1886

There are 4 arches made from whale bone with Bronze bands round them. The whale bones are standing on concrete blocks.

Surface Character
There are cracks, especially on outer surfaces. Also cracks in 2 concrete bases, one has been repaired.

There is metalic staining on the bronze bands and also moss and lichen growing especially on outer surface.

Structural condition
Good to Fair.