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Cordiner's Land Relief

Architect - David McArthy

Year of unveiling - 1696

Precise Location
On the building above the door of No.70 West Port (Cordiner's land).

The building was originally the Cordiner's Trade Hall (shoemakers). In 1887, after being derilict for some time, it was transformed into dwelling controlled by the Edinburgh Association for Improving the Dwellings of the Poor.

The building now consists of "23 flatted dwelling houses and one individual dwelling house", totalling 24 privately owned properties of varying sizes and character. Three are used for self-catering holiday accommodation, 8 are owner occupied and 13 are let to tenants. There are delightful private terraced courtyard gardens in the internal area. (Information supplied by Jenny Stevenson Chair of Cordiner's Land Residents' Association.)

Square carved stone relief framed by architectural moulding (red sandstone) with 2 be-ruffed busts holding a wreath between them, with crown and sheaf. (?) An integral stone plaque below holds the inscription, has a 'cat' face in top ****** and 'fish'? Face bottom *********** at scroll at either end.

On 'plaque' within relief at bottom: 'BEHOLD how good a thing it is And how becoming well' (lines should start parallel) Together such as brethren are In unity to dwell. AD 1696' (On rectangular plaque in stone. Raised letters, first floor, level of Doms building (above No.64): 'LOVE - GOD - ABOVE ALL - AND - YOUR - NEIGHBOUR AS - YOURSELF' within pediment, thistle on top, architectural frame).