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The Toad Knew, EIF, King's Theatre - continued

Swiss-born Thierrée has teased audiences throughout the world for nearly two decades with his flamboyant theatrical creations, sometimes dazzling, sometimes funny, sometimes grotesque.

He comes from an esteemed theatrical background, making his stage debut at the age of four playing a walking suitcase.

His 2009 Raoul used mirrors, talking teapots and umbrella jellyfish to explore the erosion of individual identity, and in his 2013 Tabac Rouge he presented a Bosch-like, hallucinatory vision of a teetering totalitarian monarch.

He blends visual comedy and a fantastical imagination in captivating shows that defy categorisation.

The Toad Knew is Thierrée’s newest creation with his Compagnie du Hanneton. It celebrates the family, following the adventures of five characters bound by ties of love and blood, and bringing together dancers, contortionists, high-wire artists and Thierrée’s own extraordinary physical prowess.

Intertwining dreams and childish terrors, burlesque and realism, The Toad Knew explores the raw, unforgiving love between brothers and sisters.

Source: King's Theatre