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Easter care for Warrior Archangel

posted 9 Apr 2009, 22:17 by David Rintoul

A careful conservation cleaning operation has been carried out on the ornate figure of St Michael which hangs in the shrine of the Scottish National War Memorial.

The beautiful timber carving – which symbolises hope for mankind’s eventual triumph over the evil of war – is suspended from the vaulted ceiling 9.3m (approx. 30 feet) above the casket which holds the Roll of Honour of the Scottish war Dead.

Historic Scotland, which maintains the war memorial in Edinburgh Castle, has completed the week-long job ahead of the Easter weekend and the start of the main tourist season.

David Storrar, Historic Scotland regional architect, said: “The figure of St Michael is one of the most magnificent features of the war memorial.

“When visitors first go inside and see him soaring above the shrine casket, you can see it sometimes just about takes their breath away.

“From a care and maintenance point of view the figure is quite a challenge – as we need to put up special scaffolding to reach him.

“But it’s quite a privilege to be able to get a close-up view of such a wonderful piece of craftsmanship.”

The carving, in which the armoured archangel is seen brandishing a sword, is made of Scottish Oak and was created by the Clow brothers from a design by Alice Meredith Williams.

The figure itself is 3.3 metres (approx. 11 feet) tall and the entire carving, which also features a large medallion engraved with a cross, is 5.4 metres (approx. 17 feet) tall.

Source: Historic Scotland

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