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Dig into archaeologist's past at library show

posted 12 Apr 2010, 08:57 by David Rintoul   [ updated 12 Apr 2010, 09:05 ]

Controversial archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann is set to take his place within an exhibition at the National Library of Scotland.

Original items from the famous 19th-century archaeologist are to be put on public display within the National Library's John Murray Archive exhibition from Tuesday 13th April.

Letters penned by Mr Schliemann to his publisher John Murray, an annotated photograph of his famous "Mask of Agamemnon", and theatrical props will go on display to help bring the archaeologist's story to life.

Curator of the John Murray Archive at the National Library, David McClay, said: "I am sure these original items will attract a lot of interest from the public as Schliemann was a fabulous self-promoter and provoked a lot of attention, both good and bad. He is certainly one of the most exciting of the John Murray authors."

To coincide with the start of the exhibition, a special panel discussion will take place on Tuesday night with Schliemann biographer and critic David Traill participating via weblink.

Source: Evening News