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Devil no match for Mach's burning desire

posted 3 Aug 2011, 05:35 by David Rintoul

The celebrated artist David Mach is to burn a massive sculpture of the Devil in the Capital on Thursday, 4th August.

The burning will take place as part of the official launch of Mach's solo exhibition Precious Light, which is being held at the City Art Centre.

The sculpture, made out of coloured red, yellow and black live matches, will be burned in the courtyard of Edinburgh College of Art tomorrow night. During the performance the sculpture will be transformed from pop art primary colours to antique ash grey.

After the performance, it will be returned to the exhibition and go back on display alongside Mach's match sculpture of Jesus Christ's head.

Mach has moved his entire studio from London to the third floor of the City Art Centre for the duration of the show and is creating a large decoupage of The Last Supper to be unveiled in September.

Source: Evening News