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Cyclists told 'slow down for walkers'

posted 4 Apr 2011, 04:11 by David Rintoul

Police have warned cyclists to be aware of pedestrians on footpaths throughout the city following a spate of near misses along the Union Canal.

Officers have recorded a number of incidents in the past few weeks on the footpath by the Union Canal where pedestrians have almost been struck by passing cyclists.

David Alexander, 61, who lives in Currie, was narrowly missed by a bike three times in a matter of minutes while walking by the canal last Monday.

He said: "I cycle myself so I know how popular the paths along the canal are, but people need to be more careful before there is a serious accident."

A police spokeswoman said: "It's important for the safety of the cyclists and pedestrians that cyclists slow down when approaching walkers. If they're going too fast a collision could result in both the cyclist and the pedestrian being injured.

Source: Evening News