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Conference centre to get new sliding floor

posted 11 Mar 2009, 06:40 by David Rintoul   [ updated 1 Nov 2009, 16:10 ]

A project to double the size of the Edinburgh International Conference Centre will see the creation of a massive computer-controlled moving floor allowing the venue to be transformed in the space of a few minutes.

The innovative electronic floor will be the first of its kind at any conference centre in the world and allow the new arena to host everything from large-scale banquets to smaller sporting events such as snooker or boxing matches.

Centre bosses today released the first images of the planned underground extension, which will cost £84 million and create an extra 2000 square metres of space. The plans, which will be the subject of a public consultation over the next month, are set to be finalised and submitted to the council later this year.

It is hoped the finished development will be ready in late 2012 or early 2013 at the latest.