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Concierge celebrates 45 years of service

posted 6 Feb 2009, 03:50 by David Rintoul   [ updated 18 Nov 2009, 17:28 ]

She may have been perhaps the most beautiful and famous woman in the world.

But that did not stop Edinburgh concierge Billy Garioch almost throwing her out of the Capital's Caledonian Hotel.

Mr Garioch, 60, is celebrating 45 years of service at the iconic five-star hotel – a milestone that may never have arrived if he had actually thrown world famous actress Liz Taylor out of the establishment's lounge in the 1970s as she tried to order a coffee with her husband and fellow screen legend Richard Burton, who was sporting a donkey jacket.

Mr Garioch said: "She just looked really scruffy. Her jeans were splattered with paint.

"It all began when an MG Midget sports car rolled up at the hotel and two people got out very quickly. I was on the front door at the time and they just rushed by.

"They then sat down in the lounge and the head porter said to me, 'Have you seen them and what they are wearing?' My boss then came through and told me to ask them to leave – they were just unsuitably dressed to be in the hotel.