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City swimming in cash as zebrafish earns £1.5m

posted 3 Sep 2009, 03:58 by David Rintoul

The Capital's economy is set to receive a £1.5 million boost from a conference on the zebrafish.

Scientists study the development of the transparent Indian zebrafish embryo to help understand how genes control the embryonic growth of vertebrates including humans.

Up to 800 scientists from all over the world who use the fish to model human genetic disease will travel to Edinburgh in June 2011 for the International Zebrafish Conference.

The four-day event, organised by the Zebrafish Information Network, is to be held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. It is one of 36 new conferences won for the city by the Edinburgh Convention Bureau (ECB) in the last month.

Sue Stuart, chief executive of the ECB, said: "Attracting the zebrafish conference demonstrates the importance of Scotland and Edinburgh's reputation as a leading centre of research.

"Our strong academic base in these fields plays a fundamental part in our ability to present Edinburgh as the ideal conference location to associated organisations.

"The worth of the sector is not only measured in financial benefits but also in profiling Edinburgh and Scotland as a research centre."

Source: Evening News

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