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City square to host live BBC smile event

posted 6 Oct 2009, 04:51 by David Rintoul   [ updated 28 Oct 2009, 19:46 ]

A day of activities will take place around the BBC's screen at Festival Square as part of the What Makes You Smile initiative.

Saturday's event will coincide with World Mental Health day and is due to run from 11am to 4:30pm.

Campaign executive Nina Bell said: "Smiling is the universal sign of wellbeing and we want people to tell us what makes them smile.

"By just thinking about what makes us happy, we already start to feel better and more positive and it's scientifically proven that smiling makes you feel and look happier, healthier and more attractive.

"This is all about finding simple, effective ways of encouraging people to take better care of their mental health - and what could be simpler than smiling?

"We want the people of Edinburgh to come down, take part in the activities and share what makes them smile.

"Being active and socialising are great ways to stay mentally well and the straightforward action of smiling does many positive things that can help boost mood and morale."

Source: Evening News

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