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City brewers concoct Buckfast and tablet ale

posted 19 Oct 2012, 08:34 by Tollcross Junction   [ updated 19 Oct 2012, 08:38 ]

The name has long been a byword for all that’s worst in Scottish culture. But Buckfast, the tipple of choice of a generation of neds, just got respectable.

Its sticky-sweet taste has been borrowed by two up-and-coming Edinburgh brewers to create what they believe is the first-ever barrel of Buckfast infused beer.

Ben Bullen and Barry Robertson say their first batch of Benedictine Groove has proven so popular with punters they already have orders from wholesale suppliers, off-licences and city pubs.
They plan to concoct 1,600 litres of the £3.80-a-pint elixir next week – with more planned.

“We realise there is a reputation that goes along with Buckfast but the final result is a long way from the original,” Barry, 33, from Prestonpans, said.