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City aims to bring wasted space back to life

posted 6 Aug 2009, 02:25 by David Rintoul   [ updated 6 Aug 2009, 02:41 ]

Major new public open spaces would be created in two different parts of the Capital, under new blueprints published today.

The city council has drawn up frameworks for future development of the Picardy Place roundabout and of the area around the 'eyesore' Argyle House near West Port. It wants to see new public open space feature prominently in both.

At Picardy Place, the centre of the roundabout is seen by planners as 'wasted space'.

Instead, they want to create a major new public square surrounded by the Playhouse, Omni Centre, new St James Quarter and St Mary's Cathedral, running from Little King Street to the proposed new tram stop at Picardy Place.

Roads in the area would then be re-routed around the space, with a one-way system among the options.

Dave Anderson, the city council's director of city development, said: "The aspiration for this space is that it will provide a safe and attractive route between one of the principal entrances to a redeveloped St James Centre and the proposed tram stop.

"Importantly, it will maintain an open outlook for the cathedral and provide an opportunity to improve its setting.


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