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Cinema-goers hit by mysterious smell

posted 23 Sep 2009, 04:18 by David Rintoul   [ updated 31 Oct 2009, 07:14 ]

Most cinemagoers have seen a real stinker in their time – but not many have smelled it.

The Cameo in Tollcross has been plagued by a mystery stench for weeks. The smell had become so bad that customers were even being offered the chance to pop into the auditorium and take a sniff before deciding whether to commit to buying tickets.

As staff and customers hold their noses, extensive investigations have now pinpointed the source of the pong to a drainage pipe between the cinema and a neighbouring tenement.

One of the smaller auditoriums has now been closed for several days while repairs are carried out, but the cinema plans to reopen it by the end of this week – and promises punters a sweet-smelling cinema experience once again.


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