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Cancer survivor joins drive for blood donors

posted 23 Sep 2010, 05:28 by David Rintoul   [ updated 23 Sep 2010, 05:42 ]

An 11‑year‑old who was left bedridden for six months after discovering she had a rare form of cancer is encouraging people to give blood.

Iona Mills, who attends Stewart's Melville School, kicked off the campaign with the help of radio DJ Grant Stott and It's Good 2 Give! founder Lynne McNicoll, who both gave blood at Lauriston Place Donor Centre.

The youngster, who found out she had acute myeloid leukemia last June, said she owed her life to the 30 pints of blood that helped to rebuild her blood cells after gruelling chemotherapy sessions.

Only a handful of children across Scotland experience the rare form of cancer each year, and it requires several courses of chemotherapy - and donations of blood - to help those affected to recover.