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Blossom at the ScotlandsPeople Centre

posted 2 Jul 2010, 02:46 by David Rintoul

At the heart of the ScotlandsPeople Centre lies an open courtyard.

This has been turned into a unique garden planted with 57 plant species - all connected in some way to Scotland's collective memory, whether through myth and folklore, heraldry, or association with individual famous Scots.

Designed by Gross Max using the plant palette drawn up by the Royal Botanic Garden, the Archivists' Garden is open during office hours, and admission is free.

Within the Centre information is filed and indexed in an ordered, logical way. The human mind is not like that.

Living memories are random and incomplete. This fact is mirrored in the garden layout which is planted in flowing patterns - to suggest the randomness of memory and to replicate the shapes on the surface of the human brain.

Source: Scotlands People Centre