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Bike stunts hero Danny takes a tumble

posted 29 Oct 2009, 07:11 by David Rintoul   [ updated 29 Oct 2009, 07:28 ]

He might be best known for performing death-defying stunts on his bike, but cyclist Danny MacAskill is out of action for eight weeks – after tripping on a kerbstone.

The 23-year-old shot to fame when a film was posted on YouTube showing him performing incredible leaps and somersaults using walls, steps and trees around the Capital.

Since then he has been inundated with offers from firms keen for him to promote their goods, and was even invited to join a Korean circus.

But it's all on hold while he recuperates from an operation to pin a broken collar bone.

He was initially injured falling off his bike during a trip to San Diego, but it healed well – until he tripped in the street and damaged it more seriously.


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