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Big names plan urban warfare for our custom

posted 18 Feb 2010, 03:11 by David Rintoul   [ updated 18 Feb 2010, 03:40 ]

It's a cri de coeur made famous by The League of Gentlemen – "Local shops for local people". The surreal sitcom might have mocked it, but the sentiment is heard with increasing intensity from the high streets of Edinburgh's urban villages.

After years of focusing on the construction out of town superstores, supermarket chains are now looking to local, 'metro'-style stores for their expansion, and in many cases, the independents are alarmed.

Sainsbury's is the latest to announce a specific policy of hitting the high streets, with the aim of opening 150 of its Local branded stores across the UK by March 2011.

The chain has identified Edinburgh as a target area and hopes to open 10 to 12 of its high street shops in the capital within three years.