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Anorexic pet returns home safe and well

posted 10 Jul 2009, 04:07 by David Rintoul

An anorexic tortoise who escaped from his owner's garden has been found alive and well.

Alfie, aged 20, disappeared in May from the Marchmont garden where he had lived for 18 years.

Owner Susie Agnew was concerned because he suffered from a low appetite. Six-inch-long Alfie has never had the body weight to hibernate, and has to be encouraged to eat by being placed underneath warm lights.

After issuing an appeal in the Evening News last month, Mrs Agnew was delighted when he was discovered nearby – although he was almost missed, having buried himself in the ground.

Mrs Agnew, 57, who is chairwoman of the Marchmont and Sciennes Community Council, said: "He was in a neighbour's garden. He'd obviously been very, very dug in, because he was absolutely coated with mud and the person who found him thought to start with he was just a stone."

Source: Evening News

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