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Anger after trees are cut down in 'clean-up'

posted 4 Feb 2009, 03:57 by David Rintoul   [ updated 18 Nov 2009, 17:57 ]

With traffic cones and other rubbish strewn across the embankment below Edinburgh Castle, something certainly needed to be done.

What the city centre residents who were unhappy about the mess did not expect, though, was the council's radical solution. Instead of sending a litter-picking team to clean up the trees and bushes above King's Stables Road, they sent out men with chainsaws.

Down came the trees and out came the bushes, leaving one of the few green spots in the area looking bleak and forlorn.

The council intends to replant the area with wildflowers in the spring.

But residents, who say they woke up to see the trees being felled without any warning, are furious about what they see as vandalism of a wildlife haven in the city centre.