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Addict attacked pedestrians twice

posted 5 May 2010, 05:22 by David Rintoul   [ updated 5 May 2010, 05:36 ]

A 21‑year‑old heroin addict assaulted pedestrians twice in a two-hour period in Edinburgh city centre, telling them "This is a street robbery. I have a knife".

Nicholas Wynne, a prisoner in Saughton, had pleaded guilty previously to charges of assault with intent to rob and assault and robbery on 7th January and was sentenced yesterday.

The first attack took place at 4:30pm in Warrender Park Road. Fiscal depute, Victoria Greening, said Wynne asked Jack Fraser the time before pushing him into a hedge saying: "This is a street robbery, hand me your phone. I have a knife". But Mr Fraser walked away and contacted the police.

The second attack was an hour and a half later in Bristo Square when Wynne told Ben Drayton: "This is a street robbery. I have a knife. Show me your phone". Mr Drayton handed over his phone and Wynne then asked him what he had in his bank account. He marched his victim to an ATM and took £200.

Wynne was later identified by his victims from photographs and arrested. He made no reply to the assault on Mr Fraser, but in relation to Mr Drayton he said: "It wisnae me".

Sheriff Neil Mackinnon jailed Wynne for 32 months.

Heroin addict assaulted pedestrians original report.

Source: Evening News