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A comic tale of murder most foul

posted 13 Jan 2010, 20:28 by David Rintoul   [ updated 13 Jan 2010, 21:10 ]

The serial‑killing antics of William Burke and Willam Hare, the two Irishmen who famously sold the bodies of their victims to an Edinburgh surgeon, are set for a new wave of notoriety after being turned into comic-book stars.

An Edinburgh publisher's new graphic novel has been based on the numerous factual accounts of their gruesome deals, which saw them murder at least 16 victims in the space of a year.

Glasgow-based writer Martin Conaghan spent years researching the 19th-century killers, including searching through the archives of the likes of the National Galleries of Scotland to try to produce accurate portraits for the book, and paying a visit to the skeleton of Burke held by the Royal College of Surgeons.

The book, the first historical graphic novel to be produced by Insomnia Publications, depicts some of the duo's most notorious killings and chilling murder methods, as well as the famous Christmas Eve trial when Hare turned "King's Evidence" against his accomplice.