Gifted Exhibitors 2008 - jewellery

Alison Macleod

The aesthetic of my jewellery was initially informed by my photographs and abstract drawings of Edinburgh junk shops. Contrasting materials and textures sit together in tranquil chaos. I find the jumble exhilarating but I am equally fascinated by the individual objects. I love to imagine the stories connected to each discarded artefact. The mysterious narratives of peoples' pasts are suggested by the dents and scratches on each piece. The junk shop becomes a museum of memories.

Aubin Bishop

My work is created through experimentation with dyeing and inlaying acrylics and nylon. I juxtapose colours and materials to create a vibrant range of jewellery with a retro feel.

I graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone Dundee, specialising in jewellery and metalwork and now work in Aberdeen as a jeweller/designer and a part-time lecturer of Gray's School of Art.

Caroline Smith

My work draws upon my fascination of optical illusion and the influences of the Op Art movement. This interest is articulated using the bright bold colours and shapes that became synonymous with artists such as Brigit Riley and fashion during the 1960s. Using the ultimate contrast of black and white I aim to produce pieces which are both playful and striking.

Caroline Temple

Much of my childhood was spent with my mother and grandmother learning the skills of dressmaking and embroidery. These childhood pastimes and happy memories are strongly reflected in my work which often has a patchwork like appearance. This is achieved by combining layers of hand pierced silver and surface decoration with other processes such as enamelling and stone setting.

Jacqueline Bell

My current collection of work is inspired by the ever changing structures of plants as they seed, sprout and grow in every available tiny space within an urban environment. No matter how much our landscape is controlled, spontaneous life takes hold in the cracks and crannies we have overlooked. This explosion of shape and form is in sharp contrast to our ever more uniform and regulated built environment.

Lisa Rae Hansen

Capturing the essence of a subject, my pieces are in the main a combination of jewellery and figurative sculpture. I work in mixed media in a variety of materials; usually combining wood carving, mouldmaking, resin, silversmithing and enamelling. This melding of jewellery and sculpture – a device that is now my trademark – results in mainly 3D figurative sculpture that is often abstract, surreal and even cartoon-like.

Lynsey Walters

I design and make wearable wool jewellery. It is inspired by my vintage collection and is based loosely on an imaginary garden crossed with a delicious haberdashery shop. My work is brightly coloured, has a delightful naive charm and reveals my quirky sense of humour.

In 2000 I graduated from the RCA where I studied Constructed textiles. When Tricia Guild of 'Designers Guild' bought on of my pieces at the RCA show, it gave me a confidence boost and I decided to wing it and set up on my own. I have now been in business for 8 years and have since returned to Edinburgh where I work from a studio in my home. My work is for sale in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Japan.

Mie Miyakawa

My jewellery reflects my interest in forms taken from nature and interior ornaments and objects which I find in everyday life. In my work I often put patterns on the surface of my jewellery, and I enjoy using colour combinations which are inspired by textile and paper patterns. I always like creating work with a combination of metal and other materials which allow me to play with the colour of the work.

Sally Grant

I try to capture the vibrancy, transience and intricate patterns found in the natural world in my jewellery. Nature does not stand still - it is a joy to capture a moment in time with my camera and transfer this image forever onto silver by the technique, photoetching.

Shimara Carlow

I was born in a remote coastal area in West Cork, Southern Ireland in 1979. A childhood fascination for collecting shells, stones, mermaids purses, feathers and pods found along the sea shore has been the inspiration for my work.

My jewellery is made from silver, 18ct gold and silk paper. It's constructed from individual units and assembled to create large and small-scale pieces.