Gifted Exhibitors 2008 - glass & ceramics

Amanda Simmons

I am based in the rugged hills situated southwest of Dumfries – a setting, full of inspiration for a creative glass studio.

At the moment I am looking intensely at rhythms and patterns through my local landscape – how it has been shaped and how we affect the balance. Much of this work involves repetitive engraving and multi-layered opaque and translucent Bullseye Glass. I produce mainly one-off pieces (wall panels, vessels and lighting) with the forms and colour palettes changing with the seasons.

Brodie Nairn & Nichola Burns

Having worked on the continent and firmly established ourselves within the glass art scene in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands we returned to Scotland. In November 2005 we established our new glass studio and gallery in the beautiful town of Tain in the Highlands of Scotland.

Using our knowledge of Scandinavian and Italian glass-making techniques to great effect we both create our own individual unique art glass, as well as collaborating to create the GLASSTORM range of functional glass, commissions and public art work. GLASSTORM has now become one of Britain's most exciting hot glass studios with works being showcased in museums, galleris and private collections.

Ceri White

I mostly take inspiration for my ceramics from my childhood years in the suburbs as well as many adult years of urban living, encompassing the architecture with-out and domestic scenes within. I specialise in creating handmade tiles and gifts. Each item I make is hand cut / hand drawn / hand glazed, which makes every one unique. I like to think my work is accessible and appealing, while retaining in it a strong sense of style, wit and quirkiness.

Cosima Sempill

My work has a 'tongue in cheek' appeal, combining contrasting ideas, and focusing on designs that delight both aesthetic and intellectual senses. This outlook stems from a personal interpretation of childhood pursuits teamed with a potent nod towards 1950s Pop Art and culture. The majority of the collection is slip cast, I like the slick and certain approach that it gives to a design – it allows the piece to express itself and often leaves room for a clever quip.

Fiona Thompson

Over the last 14 years my work has been exhibited widely – nationally and internationally. It has recently been redeveloped, with an increasing emphasis placed on narrative, the printed image and text.

The visual language of tourism is explored through the vessels, which reflect personal travel experiences. The souvenir – its role as a trigger for memory combined with its references to the familiar domestic object – has been the starting point for recent work.

Frances Priest

The drawings that cover the surfaces of these hand-built boxes are constructed from repetitious inlaid mark and points of brightly glazed ornament. They reflect the fleeting views and impressions of patterns and surfaces I encountered during travels around South East Asia and Japan. The compositions envelop the boxes allowing them to operate as multi functional, forms without a designated lid or base and as purely decorative objects, layered with unique drawings.

Karen Akester

I am trying to capture remnants of the past, I am dealing with fragile material, attempting to replace an idea with something tangible.

By working through memories of a personal and collected nature, I have been trying to understand how we visualize memories and how imagery influences our past. I have been extensively collecting old memorabilia, clothes, shoes and family photographs, all in various states of disrepair. They each have their own memories communicating a narrative that is both personal and universal. I have no personal connection to these source materials and although they evoke in me strong feelings, I enjoy the privilege of anonymity. Exploiting the rich textures and decaying materials and with an element of the half remembered, I can narrate my own stories, transforming these discarded objects into meaningful and coherent ideas.