Gifted Exhibitors 2008 - textiles & books

Andrea Williamson

I graduated in fashion textiles from the University of Brighton in 2004 before moving back home to the Shetland Islands to set up my practice. I like to make good use of the local wool to create cosy colourful knitted accessories and interior pieces. I am inspired and influenced by the richness of traditional fair isle patterns, folk art, limitless childhood imagination and any odd everyday objects that can become treasured.

Catherine Aitken

Reflecting a romantic vision of Scottish country life, I draw on my love of Scottish images and traditional fabrics. The muted and jewelled colours most prominent in my designs emanate from the beautiful Scottish landscape.

I used reconditioned antique kilts, traditional tweeds and soft mohairs as a basis of the range. The designs are hand-crafted, lined and finished in silks, velvets and threads.

Emma Henderson

Tromp l'oeil meaning to 'trick the eye' is a theme which runs through many of my designs, from hiding bugs within the folds of cushions or using vintage images on modern shapes. Inspired by the honesty in nature and poking fun at real life, I create products that are functional and beautiful.

I am passionate about creating new products but remain committed to sustainable design using fair-trade producers and organically produced cotton wherever possible.

Fiona McIntosh

From my studio in Edinburgh I design and produce a range of fashion accessories which are hand dyed and then silk screen printed using the 'discharge' technique. I specialize in mainly wool mixes, lambswool, silk and cashmere. My collection is inspired by imagery from the 1950s and 1960s. The use of colour is very important and discharge printing lends itself to this whilst retaining the soft handle of the fabrics.

Louise Kirby

My inspiration comes from patterns and textures of tree barks and I am obsessed with stripes: playing with proportions of colour, texture and marks.

My collection of 'one-off' scarves are all designed, hand printed and crafted using the finest silk. A spontaneous approach to the production of the fabric using a range of mark making techniques makes sure my designs remain fresh and lively.

Lucy Jackson

My name is Lucy and I'm a craft addict, I blame my mum!

I work with a variety of materials; paper, fabric, wood, metal, beads, buttons and more across a number of crafts. The materials usually lead the design.